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Unfortunately, accessing gutters requires using a ladder, and this can lead to serious injuries. Approximately 500,000 people nationwide suffer from an injury while using a ladder each year, and an estimated 20% of these individuals end up needing emergency medical assistance.

Also, 50,000 people end up being hospitalized for an extended period of time, of which 97% of these cases don’t involve the patient’s workplace or an extremely high height.

Instead, the vast majority of these incidents occur when people are doing basic home maintenance such as cleaning gutters, and falling from a height of only 12 feet or less can lead to a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, bruises and cuts.




Spring is here. Don't risk an injury to a fall, cleaning your gutters.

Get your gutter system professionally cleaned for only $99.

Limited time offer. Restrictions apply. 

*Single story home, office, or multi-family. Must be 6/12 or less roof pitch.

300' maximum gutter footage. Does not apply to underground drain systems.

Must be purchased in advance. No refunds. Offer expires 06/30/2018

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