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are you ready for the ICE?

We are revolutionizing the industry with our Wifi enabled SMART heat cable systems.

Why Choose a SMART System?

First and foremost, we wanted to say thank you. We know there's literally 1,000's of Home Automation products online and you're here looking, researching, and deciding what new product to add to your smart home and for that, we're humbled.

Our goal is to reduce heat cable power consumption through Home Automation. We started from an idea that people want a better deicing cable for their homes, so we did just that. 

We design the best heat cable package for each home, while keeping the end goal in sight. NO ICE with low operating costs. Our systems consume 50-75% less power than tradition heat cable systems, saving you $$ every day, month, and year. 

We know that Home Automation is the best way to save money on electrical bills. Contact us know for a free home evaluation and estimate.

We're simplifying lives, one smart home at a time… that’s K.R. Siding.

"Beautiful design made simple through our home automation process"

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